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System Analysis INterface Tool
The New Saint USB

The SAint

The SAINT is a gateway device designed to interface between vehicle communication buses and a personal computer. The New SAINT USB is the direct replacement for SAINT Ver 1.7. The new SAINT now comes standard with a 25-pin SAINT Power Cable and USB Cable.

    Revisions from Version 1.7 include:

  • Added USB connector for PC interface

  • Replaced 9-pin power/bus connector with 25-pin power/bus to accommodate additional buses normally on daughter boards

  • Moved flash connector for easier access

  • Board sized reduced to accommodate new style case

  • All previous daughter board circuitry added (with exception of IE bus)

    Features of SAINT USB:

  • Smaller more durable designed package

  • Same software compatibility (no updates needed for SAINT Bus Engine/Monitor)

  • More communications buses on board - no daughter boards required

  • USB 1.1 (free VCP "Virtual Com Port" drivers) or RS-232* compatibility
    * To use RS232 you will need to add a DB9 female to three wires on the Power and Bus Cable. For more infomation, download the "SAINT USB Power and Bus Cable" on the Download page here.


SAINT USB Purchase Info

SAINT USB Package:

SAINT Board in metal case, USB Cable, DB25 cable, your choice of firmware

Available at additional cost:

SX Blitz!:

To flash firmware into SAINT, 9-pin male connector

DB25 to ALDL Cable:

To connect SAINT USB directly to vehicle via ALDL connector

DB9 Cable Package:

1 DB9 female connector and 1 DB9 serial cable used for serial interface support

SAINT Ver1.7 Packages (Legacy ONLY)
BEAN Bus Daughter Board Rev 1.0
ACP, J1708 and E&C Bus Daughter Board Rev 1.0
DB9 to ALDL Cable

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