Test Fixtures

We specialize in designing and building test fixtures for many applications and across nearly every industry. We can produce your design, or work with you to develop a new design from your ideas and concepts.  We produce test fixtures to test PCB Assemblies that we produce or assemblies that are produced from other providers.  We utilize the bed-of-nails or pogo pin concepts where we can connect to PCB assemblies.  We will also utilize existing connectors or edge-card connections to test the inputs and outputs of each assembly.  CSI, historically has produced test stands for the automotive industry to test modules (Engine Control, Body Control, Audio and Infotainment, etc).  We also specialize in building test systems to test hardware prior to being placed within a control environment.  Our test system design and build team consists of Electrical Engineers to design and/or support customer documentation and a dedicated Technician that would fabricate and wire the fixture with the specifications desired by the customer.  Each Test Fixture then goes through a rigorous Quality Control check to make certain that the product is fabricated and wired correctly.  We have several customers that combine our assembly services as well as our testing services to create a dock-to-stock supply chain for our end customer.